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How to Compose Music Like A Pro

how to compose music like a pro

You’ve got your DAW of choice. Composed your first beat. You’re an Independent Music Producer with a great potential and looking for continuous improvement. We as Independent Music Producers or Music Composers are always listening to our favorite music composers or producers and wonder, “What makes their beats sound so crisp and full?” How can we also compose music like a pro ?

We try to read as much as possible and search on Sweetwater and other websites where we could buy more plugins, hardware and software hoping to sound like someone else.

When I started music production, I was just like you. Listening to everyone. These were a few advices I received :




Over time I realised that sound is something perceptional. Not everybody would like a particular music or a sound. It really depends on the person listening to it.

1 .What kind of songs or music they prefer

2. Where do the listener come from

3. What is the environmental influence of the listener

And there’s so much more to look at.

Think about this “What if all the music sounded the same ? Then we would not be listening to varieties and then we would not need so much of musicians in the world. Right ?

There are always tips to make your music sound better but bear in mind not to become a duplicate of some other musician and do not sway with what people say. Listen to yourself and follow your music.

Now though there isn’t any rules in music according to me at least coz its expression, I am going to share some tips which helped me to achieve better sounds today. With these simple tips, you can compose music like a pro. And you don’t need to have millions of dollars to do so.

Better sound, it’s a mixture of things like sample quality, mastering, effects, and more.


Using EQ is integral for getting your mix right. Separating the proper frequencies for each track will clear your mix and prevent muddy blending. For example, if you have a sample of a shaker, and it has frequencies below 200 Hz, those frequencies will contribute to the bass in the track – even though they’re shakers, not bass. You’d need to cut out the low end on the shakers to ensure they’re sitting in the proper frequency space in your mix.

Compression and dynamics

A popular compression technique in modern beat-based music is sidechaining. Sidechaining, in a nutshell, means another input is being used as the control signal. If you have a pad through a compressor and you set the sidechain to monitor your kick drum channel, your pad will get compressed as each kick hits. For example, if you sidechain a bass guitar to your kick drum, each time your kick drum hits, the bass guitar will be compressed. This ensures that frequencies don’t stumble over one another and create a muddled mix. Sidechaining is a useful tool to keep the low end of your beats clean.

“Dynamics processing is a complicated concept, but being in control of volume and loudness is what truly separates the kiddies from the grown-ups. People think that compressors are there to boost signal, but they’re not. Learn exactly how a compressor works and how to adjust the settings to achieve different sounds.


Mixing is an integral part of sound design. You may have a great studio session with clean recordings, but if they’re not mixed well, your sound can be shot in the wrong direction. If your vocal is panned to the left and turned down and your drums are in the center and turned up, and you’re trying to record a vocal-led pop song, the results won’t be pretty. Typically, lead vocals are in the center of a mix, with instruments like guitar on the outside. Bass is often centered towards the bottom. You will want your volume adjusted properly as well to ensure the most important and most subtle parts are given.

These are just some tips to get you started.

In my next post, I shall be sharing more on how you could really tap on EQ and frequencies.

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