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Composed by Mamiboys Krisheno and written by Mamiboys Caleb Jacob, KAKAL is the first attempt of the music genre Trap/Twerk in Tamil. KAKAL was recorded in Jubilson Studios (Pondicherry) and mixed in Black Dog Mastering Studios (U.S).  If you had not listened it, please do hit the play button above to watch it in action. Don’t forget to share the video with your friends if you like it.

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Watch the brand new commercial of a new mobile app for travel called “Easythingy” starring Mamiboys Krisheno and music scored by Mamiboys.

A cover of the song “Kaantha” from the movie Uriyadi. Thanks to Nikkil Murugan and team for the wonderful opportunity. Really enjoyed singing and mixing it. Switched the style a bit from the original track so have a listen and let us know what you think.

Mamiboys Asian Network BBC

KAKAL on BBC Asian Radio Network. Special Thanks to Ashanti Omkar and folks at BBC Asian Network UK for the Airplay of our latest release KAKAL. And guys don’t forget to check our official Artist Page on BBC for more details on Mamiboys songs airplay timings and more.

KAKAL Attracts Non-Tamil Listeners

Mamiboys kAKAL Success

Though KAKAL is a Tamil Trap/Twerk song, we were happy to see it being added to more than 32 YouTube playlists by non-Tamil Audiences. Thanks to all the listeners from many parts of the world such as India, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and more who had added KAKAL to your TOP New Tracks YouTube‬ playlist beside so many other best songs around the world.

Music Review of KAKAL - Cineulagam

Kakal Mamiboys Cineulagam Review

We never thought that KAKAL would get positive reviews in Chennai. But guess what, it just did. Thanks so much for reviewing our music. Check out the Music Review of KAKAL now by Cineulagam.


We know many of you might have missed the LIVE Beam of Mamiboys Caleb Jacob on FAME. No worries guy. Here’s the video exclusively for you.

Did You Watch The KAKAL Teaser ? Though the Official Video is out, the teaser of KAKAL is still a HOT Favorite so don’t miss it.

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